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Shelagh & associates


Shelagh is an extremely knowledgeable, positive and versatile dog trainer. I have enjoyed group as well as one on one sessions for me and my puppy, Zuzu. She has been so instrumental in our progress. Thanks so much Shelagh! I am so thankful to have been referred to you.

-- Vanda & Zuzu

“Training with Shelagh was tons of fun! We loved that she treats every dog as an individual and our dog Lou was always happy to see her. In no time at all we began to understand our dog better and the results we were seeing in him were very exciting. Our leadership skills have improved and as a result our bond with Lou has deepened. We’ve recommended Shelagh to all our friends and will continue to do so.”

-- Allison, Ted & Lou

“Shelagh trained “me” so I now have the needed skills to take Ginger to both her and my favourite place… the beach, and enjoy our time together.”

-- Elfina & Ginger

“I just wanted to thank you for the training session. Eve is doing great, time flies on our walks cause now I have something more to do than just walk and you were right all I do is look at her. We’re still working on it of course but she’s getting much better. Also our recall on trails has improved. Its just good to have that structure on things to do with her, meeting with you was totally worth it so i just wanted to say thank you!”

-- Ali & Eve

“My wife and I discovered Shelagh through a strong recommendation from a friend of ours Kendall who runs an animal aqua therapy centre called k9 h20. Kendall dedicates a great deal of time to the well being of people’s pets. Therefore it didn’t come as a surprise to see how strongly Shelagh cared about dogs. Shelagh seems to always have a smile and tremendous patience with dogs and their owners. Her training techniques are easy to understand and practice with your pet. Dogs really respond to her and Shelagh is only to happy to show you how to achieve that same relationship. It’s obvious that Shelagh enjoys what she’s doing because it comes through in her energy toward you and your pet.”

-- Mike, Lori, & Frida

“Shelagh has a real bond with every dog she meets and handles. They all seem to respond in kind to her consistent, firm leadership as well as the positive praise she heaps on them when they get it right! Shelagh approaches each dog as a new and different challenge, and tailors her training methods accordingly. She helped me immensely with my pushy, confident pit bull girl, Tully. Shelagh used Tully’s drive and energy and turned it around so that Tully was working for her handler, and not against. Shelagh also helped show me where I could improve my clarity and consistency as Tully’s handler and owner, and taught me the importance of immediately marking a desired behaviour…timing is everything! Thanks to Shelagh’s experience with dogs in general and specifically with pitties, Tully and I understand each other much better, and our relationship and bond is so much stronger.”

-- Kirsta & Tully

“Shelagh Begg is an exceptional dog trainer. She is smart, compassionate, a good communicator (with people as well as dogs) and therefore, not surprisingly, a very effective trainer. Rather than espousing trite notions of dog training as being all about dominance/aggression or all about properly timed positive reinforcement, Shelagh works to understand your dog and your objectives, and then adapts her approach accordingly. As a bonus for both owner and dog, working with Shelagh is fun. She is simply a great resource for anyone that loves their dog.”

-- Sandra & Micki

“We cannot give Shelagh enough accolades for her help with our reactive dog, Ben. Within day one of receiving a private lesson from Shelagh, we were able to apply her advice in controlling Ben while living in our condo complex; which common areas are shared and Ben felt everything was his territory! Shelagh’s patience, knowledge, experience, instincts and excellent communication skills make her a brilliant dog/human trainer. We are extremely happy to have met Shelagh and to have learned from her. We will continue with as many lessons with her as possible in order to keep Ben stimulated and to keep us committed to Ben’s well-being.”

-- Siupo & Lee, Ben

“I am the mom to an 8 month old Frenchie named Louis, and I have to admit, I am GUILTY of babying him. If it weren’t for Shelagh’s positive approach and realistic solutions to puppy issues, Louis would be walking all over me! Like all new dog owners, I am right in the middle of experiencing those puppy growing pains (potty training, how to walk on leash without pulling… how to listen!). We enrolled in Dizine Canine’s Basic Obedience course and I was sooo positive that I would never get Louis into a down on command! Sure enough just a few short weeks later not only does he lay down on command, but he also rolls over, stays and slaps high fives! She has also continued to offer me invaluable guidance. As my puppy got older he began challenging the resident male cat in my home as well as experienced a relapse in his potty habits. With a few tips, a no nonsense approach, and lots of positive reinforcement, not only are the two of them are getting along great, but his potty issues have been resolved as well. Louis also LOVES daycare days! He gets to romp, play and tumble around with dogs of all sizes, while I have that peace of mind that he is being watched in a controlled space by an excellent trainer while acquiring invaluable social skills. Shelagh says “a good dog is a tired dog” and I can attest to this, especially on post daycare days! I highly recommend taking your dog to Dizine Canine, especially if your looking for a place that will train you on how to use positive reinforcement to get superb results!”

-- Diandra & Louis

“If you’re searching for an excellent trainer, or a daycare that will actually accept bigger breed dogs, then stop searching – you’ve found what you’re looking for. We’ve got our ‘pawtistic’ dog in daycare at Dizine Canine currently and we’ve noticed that he is really starting to come out of his shell. He is also the kind of pup that makes a giant scene at the end of his leash whenever he sees another dog, but 6 sessions of the Reactive dog class later, and he’s practically a little angel out on walks now. Next class for him is the Intro to Clicker Training then we might move on to something more challenging for him like Rally-O! Shelagh has a genuine passion for animals, their welfare and their development. If you choose to enrol in one of her classes or her daycare rest assured that the treasured member(s) of your furry family are in GREAT hands.”

-- Shannon, Richard, Bosco & Taz