Outside of our service area? 

Having difficulty finding a qualified trainer? Not to worry!  Our online consultations are great for those living outside of our service area.

While in-person is always preferred, we can still help by way of technology. Our online sessions can offer behaviour assessments, personal coaching, training strategies, and a plan to move you forward. 

These sessions are anywhere from 60-90 minutes in length, and will take place during a mutually pre-determined day and time.


Payment is required in full to confirm booking

What to expect from your online training session:

  • Full history of your dog and behaviour challenges, including video submissions (if requested)

  • Discussion of observed behaviour and training strategies

  • Written training plan after initial consultation

  • Email follow-up for further sessions (if required)



Step 1: Register to schedule an online session via Zoom™

Schedule Online Consult
Schedule Consult

Step 2: Shelagh will contact you via email to set up a mutually determined day/time for the session.

Step 3: Shelagh will email a consultation form to be submitted 48 hours prior to scheduled session.